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Discovering The Truth

Despite popular belief, most lying and cheating does not get discovered because a suspicious spouse is good at interrogating a partner (e.g., where were you? who were you with? etc.).

Typically, cheating spouses get caught in one of two ways:

1: Accidental Discovery

In most cases, deception and infidelity are uncovered by mistake. A husband or wife decides to come home from work early, a third party inadvertently reveals the truth, a mutual friend mistakenly reveals a spouse's true whereabouts, an e-mail exchange is accidentally sent to the wrong person, and so on.

2: Monitoring A Spouse

Surveillance, by comparison, is an attempt to discover the truth by monitoring a spouse’s behavior. If you're dealing with a lying and/or cheating spouse, some type of surveillance is almost always needed.

While monitoring a spouse tends to be the most effective way to find what is going on in a relationships, spying on a spouse can also cause problems especially if they are innocent. Is it ethical to monitor a husband or wife without his or her knowledge? I think the best way to answer that is with another question. Is it ethical for a spouse to accept support and take advantage of  a persons love for you knowing that they never did care at all? 

If your dealing with a lying and/or cheating partner, how do you address the problem until the truth is out in the open? Fixing problems requires a full accounting and acknowledgment of the issues involved. Hiring us to do surveillance,  is the most effective way to find out what is going on. When you hire us, you will know one way or the other.

If your spouse is cheating, it is imperative that you know so your not steadily investing in a relationship that is destined to fail. On the other hand, if your spouse is innocent, then it will set your mind at ease and you will have a much more productive relationship.

If you are supporting a Filipina in Angeles City, Balibago or surrounding areas contact us and our detective agency to make sure she is being faithful to you.

How it works and General Information when hiring us

We assign 2-3 investigators to your case. Sometimes they  will alternate shifts to protect their cover. We provide you with a log file of what, when, where, who with, and everything that your loving honey is doing within the time schedule that you choose.

You will be surprised at the information you will get back because some of our investigators are lifelong residents of the Angeles City. Usually we can provide names along with addresses of their lovers etc. Sometimes our investigators already know your girl. In those cases, we can give background information/evaluation as well. We work for you!

If you go to www.youtube.com and search for "Filipina Scammers" you will find that many girls are just out to get money from foreigners. I personally know a girl that was receiving support from three different men. She was very good and proud of that. She had a different Yahoo ID for each boyfriend. But, on the other hand, it is not right to accuse every girl in the Philippines of being a scammer. There are many girls here that make great wives or spouses. Some are very much interested in their schooling and strive to be professionals with a good life and a good husband. Since some are good and some are bad, we can help you know the facts. You don't want nightmares later! Full time monitoring or half time monitoring of your spouse will answer all of your questions. Our fees are nothing compared to the cost and disappointment of committing to a long term relationship with a  person that is using you. 

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