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"We Recommend Spybubble. The worlds most advanced Cell Phone Monitoring and Tracking System!"


We offer FULL SERVICE from purchasing the cell phone to delivery. YOU DONT HAVE TO BE IN THE PHILIPPINES TO MAKE THIS WORK FOR YOU!

    1. We purchase the Cell Phone and provide Recommendations of what type.
    2. We install the Spybubble Application. (jailbreak if neccesary)
    3. We gift Wrap the Cell Phone.
    4. We Deliver the Cell Phone. (and provide video of the delivery)
    5. Do you want Flowers with the delivery? We do that too!
    6. We translate the Text Messages and Call recordings for you!
    7. Dont have a credit card to purchase online? We can do it for you. 15% additional cost

    NOTE: We have personally set-up many phones and delivered them. All of our customers have been happy customers. The software works great. You can CONTACT US if you want more information.



Standard Version Buy Standard Version

Keeps Record of all Calls Made
Keeps Record of all Text (SMS) Messages
Keeps Record of GPS Location using Google Maps
Keeps Record of Photos Sent
Keeps Record of all emails
Virtually Undetectable

Pro Version Includes Buy Pro Version

Keeps Record of all Calls Made
Keeps Record of all Text (SMS) Messages
Keeps Record of GPS Location using Google Maps
Keeps Record of Photos Sent
Keeps Record of all emails
Virtually Undetectable
Call Listening
Enviroment Listening

Cell phone tracking - Find out the truth!

Is it Real?

Standard Version Features

We load a software system that will allow you to log in from any computer and supervise any smart phone or BlackBerry on real time. After installing it on any phone that is given to a family member or an employee of yours, you can monitor what it is done with it from your computer. Using a Username and a Password of your choosing, you can supervise the following without being detected. We can also monitor the phone for you and translate any text messages into English.

Put your mind at ease; You Will Know What, Where, When, Who, Why

Call Tracking

See the numbers that your children or employees have called. Or, which numbers have called them. In addition, you can see how many calls were made for each number, at what time they were made, and how long each call lasted. Also, if the number is registered under a name in the phone's memory, you can see it.

SMS Tracking

You can read any message that was received by or sent from the phone. The messages are logged into your account as they are generated, so you can read them EVEN IF the holder of the phone erases them. We will translate any Tagalog to English for you.

GPS Location Tracking

If your phone is stolen or lost, you can track the exact position of the phone using Google Maps. If your child is not where they say they are, you will know.

Phone Book Access

You see EVERY phone number that's registered on the memory of the phone!

Pro Version Features

Call Listening

With SpyBubble PRO, you will be able to hear things as they happen as cold hard proof. Listen to phone conversations and find out what's going on. Stop guessing and learn the truth - and get solid proof!

Enviromental Listening

Imagine a shady room and your spouse talking to someone - in person.

Or, your business partner discussing a deal behind your back with a well dressed business shark. Or your employee leaking vital information to your competition.

Perhaps, it's your children. Is your daughter still dating that douchebag that looks like Pauly D?

With SpyBubble Pro, it's like you will be there to catch them red handed - or to learn that everything is great.

It doesn't matter which really... you'll be relieved because you'll finally know the truth.

Live Person Translations

Dont worry, our in house translator will take care of you. For live person translation services information and cost go to Clendy.net

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