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Angeles City Philippines Tour Guide






One Day Tour Guide

It is pretty confusing on the first day that your in Angeles City. Our One Day Tour Guide is geared to NOT be invasive but at the same time show you how to get around in Angeles City Philippines on your first day.

What we can do for you...

Setup your hotel

There are some very good deals on hotels here if you know where to find them. Looking online is not a lot of help. You dont get the reality of it. We will put you in a hotel that fits your budget and taste. From nice and thrifty to extravagant.

Airport Pickup

Car and Driver

We use the same driver for all of our customers. He charges us less because of the business we give him. He has a nice new model car. He is clean and polite. He knows his way around.

Tour Guide

One of our representatives will come to the airport to get you. Then assist you to check into your hotel.

When your ready, we will show you around town.

We will inform you or show you our favorite restaraunts and hot spots.

Answer all of your questions

Save you Money

In General, we get you through your first day so you can get started with your vacation without the stress of figuring things out the hard way by yourself.

This service is in no way sexual oriented. It is simply a good faith effort to assist newcomers on their first vacation to Angeles City, Philippines. You will never regret taking advantage of this service. Contact Us if your interested.